About Us

Here at Fantasy Furniture, we love motorsports and fast cars. This inspired us to open our motorsport division which includes racing car beds, car themed bedroom furniture and racing car accessories to make your little one’s room exciting and a great place to sleep or just chill out. Our beds have high sides so no rolling out: ideal for first-time beds or beds for little fidgets! We have also found time and time again that these beds are great for “getting them out of the parents’ bed”. This means you get a good night’s sleep too!

All our LED racing car beds are made from ABS thermoplastic and are 12v low voltage so 100% safe. From start to finish we will be with you during your purchase through delivery and an excellent after-sale service.

If you decide on our installation service you will have peace of mind that everything is installed and tested before we leave; our motor engineers are all fully trained in car beds and customer service.

Let’s get those little ones to bed FAST!

Bi Turbo Red Racing Car Bed