Racing Car Beds

Your little one can stop dreaming about having a racing car or being a racing car driver with our stunning, life-like car beds. Our car beds are accurately designed, vividly coloured and truly magical.

Now is the perfect time to help your little one find their personality, establish their dreams and build their interests. Send your kids to bed in a comfortable, charming car bed that is built to last. Many of our car beds are available in red, blue, and white. Some even come with LED headlights for extra interactivity and added nightlight functions! These beds are also very cost-effective; if you find any of our beds cheaper elsewhere we provide a price match guarantee! We also offer free delivery throughout the UK on all of our car beds.

Racing Car Bed with Lights and Sounds

Looking for a racing car bed for your little one? Look no further! Our racing car beds are the coolest beds in the business! Kids car beds are ideal for children who dream of being race car drivers or simply love cars. They are also great for parents looking to inspire a love of racing cars in their children. These racing car beds are made from the best quality, scratch-resistant ABS plastic, which is also antibacterial and ultra-safe. Each plastic car bed also has LED lights and sounds for a realistic and truly exciting night time experience (12V electrics ensure safety; headlights also double up as a nightlight). A multi-function key fob will make it feel just like a real car!

Best Race Car Beds

These beds fit a standard 3-foot mattress, come with pre-applied decals, and have high sides, making them ideal for toddlers and young children. Many of our beds also feature opening doors, leather backrests, and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. We offer free racing car bed delivery throughout the UK. Our furniture experts can also install your new bed to ensure a great fit.

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