Cilek GTS Black Car Bed

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Toddlers, children, and teens alike will feel effortlessly cool in the GTS black car bed from renowned manufacturers Cilek. Interactive features such as LED lights and sounds, as well as a stylish faux leather interior and swish sporty bed frame, make this the ultimate choice of car bed.



Cilek GTS Black Car Bed

The GTS is a wonderfully stylish black car bed from the celebrated kids bed and furniture manufacturers at Cilek. This high-end racing car bed comes with a range of interactive features; this includes LED lights and sounds, as well as a sporty interior and bed frame decals. It really is the ultimate in car beds for toddlers, kids, and teens!

This black car bed is the ultimate style choice for any speedster. The GTS comes with a faux leather upholstered headboard and interior, seat style headrests, and also Italian stitching. The bed frame has many high-octane features as well. The bed includes a honeycomb front grille, carbon fibre 3D spoilers, and chrome exhaust pipes. A registration plate and sporty decals add the finishing touches, making this car bed style the coolest around.

The Cilek GTS black car bed also has a whole host of exciting interactive features. Plus, your child can control them all with a key fob remote! Activate four different modes with the remote: Engine Start, Accelerate, Cruise, and Underbody Lights. The inbuilt LED sound effects and lights make this car bed feel just like a real car, providing endless fun and imagination for day and night. It includes headlamps, animated LED wheels, fog lights, and trendy underbody lights for an immersive racing car experience.

The Cilek GTS really is one of the best car beds on the market in terms of safety as well as style. Cilek are great manufacturers who are GS certified to the highest safety and quality standards. This bed’s frame is made from hygienic and scratch-resistant ABS plastic, while the faux leather upholstered interior is filled with a firm spongy material for both safety and comfort. The side windows are made from shatterproof acrylic glass; these also act as an extra protective barrier for toddlers and small children who roll around at night time.

Free delivery is available for this bed throughout the UK and we also offer an installation service for your convenience. Got a question about this car bed? Get in touch with Fantasy Furniture today.

Cilek GTS Black Car Bed Specifications

Dimensions: 127cm (Width) x 80cm (Height) x 220cm (Length).

Materials: ABS plastic bedframe, reinforced polystyrene interior, faux leather upholstery, LED lights, shatterproof acrylic glass windows, carbon fibre spoilers.

Colours Available: Black, Red, White.

Comes with GS Certificate of Quality. Free UK Delivery available from Fantasy Furniture.

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions220 x 127 x 80 cm
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