Jay-Be Simply Kids Waterproof Anti-Microbial Foam Free Sprung Mattress





The JAY-BE® Simply Kids Waterproof mattress is a lot more than a fun blue design. It utilises technically enhanced waterproof fabric technology, which has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It is also easy to wipe clean.

At its core, this JAY-BE® children’s mattress is constructed with a medium firmness spring to offer evenly distributed support throughout the night. To prevent spring feel, the spring is topped with a high-density (HD) insulator pad and a deep cushion of breathable smart fibre comfort layers.

As well as offering ultimate practicality, the smart fibre comfort layers within the mattress are breathable and hypoallergenic. The open cell structure of the smart fibre comfort layers enables the free flow of air through the mattress which in turn reduces moisture helping to prohibit mould and allergens. As a result, a more comfortable and temperature controlled sleeping environment is experienced.

All JAY-BE® Simply Kids mattresses are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Roll-packed for your complete convenience.

Mattress ready for use: W90cm (35.4in) L190cm (74.8in) D18cm (7in)

Product & Packaging Dimensions

Mattress packed: W33cm (12.9in) L33cm (12.9in) H100cm (39.4in) (0.1089m3)

Weight: 14.8kg / 32.6lb

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