Lamborghini Red Race Car Bed


A classic red race car bed, the Lamborghini is the ultimate children’s bed, coming with exciting interactive features. Control the inbuilt LED lights and sounds with your own key fob! This car bed’s sleek design, including lit-up wheel rims and a realistic spoiler, is sure to fuel your little racing driver’s dreams for years to come.



Lamborghini Red Race Car Bed

The Lamborghini red race car bed provides the perfect pit stop for your child every night. This bed lets them speed off to sleep in a comfortable and stylish bed that really feels like their own. We’ve found these car beds ideal for getting them out of your bed too; meaning everyone gets a better night’s sleep! Also available in white and black, the Lamborghini race car bed truly is a child’s dream bed.

It’s no surprise why the Lamborghini red race car bed is one of Fantasy Furniture’s most popular children’s bed designs: the bed comes with so many special details, including realistic wheels, side scoops, and spoiler. This bed’s sleek lines and exciting decals are only rivalled by its exciting functionality features. This racing car bed also comes with functioning headlights, a Knight Rider style front light bar, wheel rim LED lights, and a built-in speaker that plays engine sounds and the Knight Rider song! You can control all these aspects with a key fob (which is also included with the bed), for an ultra-exciting bedtime experience where your child can take the wheel.

All the practical concerns are also sorted with this red race car bed. The Lamborghini fits a standard child’s mattress and has high sides, perfect for preventing your child from rolling out of the bed at night. In addition, the LED headlights are soft, so they can also act as a comforting security nightlight. A strong yet flexible and lightweight ABS thermoplastic body makes the bed impact and scratch-resistant, as well as very safe and hygienic.

Lamborghini Red Race Car Bed Specifications

Bed Size: 228cm x 127cm x 65cm (L x W x H)

Mattress Size: 190cm x 90cm (L x W). Mattress not included.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Materials: ABS Plastic, LEDs, Pre-Applied Decals.

Colours Available: Red, White

Made in Europe. UK Free Delivery Available!

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